MPV About Us

MPV encourages sellers to enhance their business. We provide them a platform in which they can expand their business on a large scale. We do not buy any product on our own.This platform has a line of work that bond small to big pursuit together. This helps wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers to buy or sell products online with ease.

Type Of Work


    1. Connection-Under MPV the manufacturer can connect to wholesaler, wholesaler to retailer and a retailer can save time in purchasing a product online and could focus on the customers.
    2. Selling & Purchasing - A seller (you) can sell the product online on MPV and a buyer will purchase on the belief of the company and assure to provide best quality and value-added products. 

How does it work?

MPV has a listing of different categories of products which will be visualize world-wide on website and mobile application. When the buyer makes an order, MPV will collect the products and deliver. The money will be credited to Sellers’s account within 7 working days of order delivery.


Partners with MPV

Mpv has approximately 50,000 retailer and 2,000 vendor and more than 500 employees who will always be there in your service.