How much time it will take to resolve the matter once I raised it?

Your all request will be sent to MPV. Mpv will choose to accept or reject depending upon their terms & conditions. MPV will return your order within 48 hours and then it will be sent back to the vendor. When Mpv gets the reverse shipment he/she will process the refund or replace it as they chosen at the time of approving the return.

What happens if it gets delayed?

If reverse pick up gets delayed, you can contact to our customer care through call/chat, we will consider your issue and help you in every which way possible.

What if my return gets rejected by Mpv?

Accepting or rejecting the order will totally depends on Mpv. We recommend you read all the Mpv terms & conditions before placing an order. In case, if you still feel that your problem is genuine, then you can contact to MPV.

What is your dispute handling work?

Every problem that is raised to MPV, our team will try to understand the issue of both the parties (buyer & vendor). However, we will only consider the issue/dispute if the buyer or MPV can't come to the same conclusion and try to make things work on their own. Post solving the matter, we can tell any party (buyer/vendor) to solve the issue.

Will I get my money back if MPV rejects?

No, refund or replace will totally depends on MPV decision. MPV will only come in between when both the parties (buyer/seller) will not be able to have same conclusion.

What if I latter decide to have goods?

You can always cancel your return request before our worker picked up your product.

What is the return policy?

MPV encourages sellers to enhance their business. We provide them a platform in which they can expand their business on a large scale. We don't buy any product on our own. That's why we don't have our own return policy. Any issue from the buyer will directly sent to Mpv and we have given them full authority to resolve their issues. MPV will only come in between if both the parties will not be able to come at a same decision or will not be able to contact each other.

How will I get my refund and how I'll be notified for the same?

Post seller received the product, the amount will be processed to the bank account updated by the user on MPV account. OTP will be sent to your registered number with MPV for the confirmation. If you still don't get your refund you can call/contact our customer service executive who will help you for the same.

Can I ship the item to the seller myself?

No, the shipment will be done through MPV only.

Contact MPV customer care number for any issues.